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Unleash the power of AI for revenue forecasting

In an industry known for its energy and unpredictability, nailing down your financial future can feel like an impossible task. Viability’s state-of-the-art software taps into the power of artificial intelligence to offer you unparalleled insights four times a day, with revenue forecasting exceeding 95% accuracy. By leveraging colossal data sets and employing sophisticated algorithms, Viability deciphers fluctuating customer tastes, seasonal trends, and ever-changing market dynamics to cut through economic uncertainty.

Take advantage of dynamic benchmarking

With Viability, you can harness the power of dynamic benchmarking to know precisely how your business performs at any given moment. AI-powered software is your portal to this revolution, offering real-time insights on your live performance, analysing it against your COGS and labour spending goals, and guiding you towards improvement. With dynamic benchmarking, you’ll welcome a new reality where you continuously monitor your business’s heartbeat and adapt your strategies with real-world data.

Reconcile productivity and profit with AI-powered rostering

Rostering is the backbone of operations and profits in the hospitality industry. With advanced heat mapping and productivity measures at its core, Viability transforms rostering into a data-driven strategy. By comparing live staffing levels with live sales data, our AI identifies opportunities to enhance efficiency, reduce wasted resources, increase staff productivity, maximise profit margins, and avoid the costly mistakes of understaffing or overstaffing and ensure optimal operations.

Unlock new insights with intelligent supplier budgets

Viability takes the guesswork out of ordering with budget forecasts considering each supplier’s unique patterns, lead times, and costs. This ensures optimal outcomes from every partnership and streamlines the ordering process. The budget forecasts are intrinsically tied to Viability’s highly accurate revenue projections, meaning your budgets are precise and ensure you’re always poised for profitability, no matter the shifts in the industry landscape or daily revenue.

Master the relationship between fixed costs and break-even analysis

In the dynamic world of hospitality, understanding fixed costs – those inevitable expenses like rent and utilities – is like holding the compass to guide you towards your break-even point and onward to profitability. By leveraging vast data sets, Viability grants you detailed insights into these constant expenditures, revealing their real-time role in your financial health and their direct impact on your break-even calculations.

Navigate the profit landscape with live EBITDA forecasting

Live EBITDA forecasting is an AI-powered tool that acts like a GPS for business decisions, helping you avoid dead ends, skip wrong turns, and navigate directly towards profit with real-time, dynamic analysis. Viability’s live EBITDA forecasting offers continuous, up-to-date projections that help you go beyond crunching numbers to foster a culture of financial mindfulness, strategic agility, and constant improvement.

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Business Owners/Managers

Viability heralds a new era of AI-driven business intelligence for business owners and managers. With highly accurate revenue forecasting, dynamic benchmarking and live profit feedback, owners and managers have new power over their real-time financial position right in their pocket. When their entire business is captured in Viability and decisions are informed by machine learning and dynamic benchmarking, everything changes: accountability from teams and suppliers skyrockets, productivity reaches new heights, and new profit levels suddenly appear within reach.

Back of House

Kitchens can finally strike the ultimate balance between a perfectly well-stocked inventory and on-target budgets each and every week. How? By linking highly accurate revenue projections to live budgets and applying AI algorithms and dynamic benchmarks. To optimise gross profit, we need to know how COGS interact with revenue daily. Kitchens can now stay on track by harnessing the power of Viability’s dynamic ordering and AI-powered supplier budgets to optimise how they buy.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

With Viability, business owners are empowered with access to their financial data in real-time, meaning they’re doing better business, understanding their finances more clearly, and driving their profitability to unforeseen heights. Meanwhile, payroll integrates directly with accounting for streamlined data transfer, and invoices are verified for accuracy and price on the spot in the venue, reducing errors and boosting efficiency.

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Your Weekly Stats


Please adjust the slider to reflect your typical weekly gross revenue, including GST paid by your customers. Viability's calculator utilises net revenue, which is determined by automatically subtracting the industry average of 9% for GST and 0.6% for sales discounts from the gross revenue calculation (industry averages).



Please adjust the slider to reflect your average labour cost for a standard and realistic week. This should include the superannuation you pay your employees and the cost of your mandatory WorkCover compensation. If you are the owner and receive a wage or salary, please include that cost in your calculations.


Cost of Goods

To determine the cost of goods for your sales, use the slider and enter the total amount spent on consumables, including GST. This encompasses all the items you purchase for preparing and selling your products, such as takeaway containers, cleaning supplies, pre-made food, raw ingredients, frying oil, and beverages. Viability will automatically compute the GST refund for you.

Cost of Goods


To estimate your weekly fixed costs, adjust the slider accordingly. Fixed costs include all expenses unrelated to labour or COGS, such as rent, utilities, software subscriptions and fees, business insurance, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, cleaning, maintenance, waste removal and oil traps.

Do not only consider your bills from this week. Reviewing the previous year's P&L to identify annual overheads is advisable. Adjust for inflation by multiplying the amount by 1.05, then divide by 52 to calculate your estimated weekly overheads total.

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Software designed by hospitality veterans

Our team includes industry veterans, entrepreneurs, business owners, tech lovers and data nerds ready to transform the way foodservice does business. We have a first-hand understanding of the challenges facing the food industry and created Viability as a powerful way to manage our own daily operations. Now, we’re excited to share it with you. Join us on the cutting edge of hospo innovation and redefine the way you do business. The power of transformation is at your fingertips.

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