Product Screens

A Brief Walkthrough of Viability

Get a glimpse into some of Viability's core features.

The Dashboard

Viability dashboard screenshot
Viability's Dashboard gives you a brief snapshot of the day's events and what's next on your to-do list.

A Weekly Operational Summary

Viability operational summary screenshot
Get a snapshot of how your running costs eat into your revenue, and how it affects your weekly financial return (EBIT).

Reviewing Revenue & Closing Days

Viability revenue forecasting screenshot
Viability forecasts your revenue 2 weeks in advance, so you can plan with pin-point precision.
Viability confirm roster screenshot
Confirm roster accuracy at the end of each day, so Viability can help you maximise staff performance and promote accountability.
Viability rate day screenshot
Rate your satisfaction with the day, add notes for future reference. Viability will remind you of your previous benchmarks to help you meet or beat your best.

High Performance Rostering

Viability Roster Page screenshot
The health of your rosters is updated as you make changes, expressed as a percentage of your revenue. Costs include super, overtime, penalties, everything.
Viability Create Shift screenshot
Easily create, modify, and delete shifts on the fly.
Viability Heat Map screenshot
Review the performance of your staffing by day segment and find insights and answers into where you can incrementally increase productivity.
Viability Staff Performance screenshot
Create accountability and get the emotional buy-in of your team. The staff performance page allows you to communicate performance issues with your staff without exposing your dollar figures.
Viability Roster Improvements screenshot
Viability prevents performance drop-off by showing you days where you've done better, so you can assess why and make smarter decisions about your staffing.

Smarter Purchasing

Viability Puchasing screenshot
Manage budgets for your suppliers and keep your ordering levels healthy.
Viability Order Wizard screenshot
Viability's order list feature saves time on managing stock orders, and helps you focus on your profitability before you even place your orders.

Manage Overheads

Viability overheads management screenshot
Set budgets for your expenses to create a more honest reflection of your weekly operational return. Sync directly with your accounting software to avoid double handling.


Viability feasibility goal seek screenshot
Gain an understanding of your weekly operational feasibility. Get a fix on the operational structure you require in order to achieve the kind of financial return you want.

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