New Viability Feature: Tracking your Gross Profit

Alan McLeod, Nov 2016
New Viability Feature: Tracking your Gross Profit

We’ve created a way for you to improve your ordering.

Viability’s Purchasing platform allows you to:

  1. Optimise your gross profit per product
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Control cash flow
  4. Track your budgets
  5. View your order history
  6. Increase accountability

… and do it faster than you’ve been able to before.

Order Easier
Take your tablet to the cold room, create a perfectly crafted order and email it straight to your supplier.

Delegate Like a Boss
The Viability Purchasing platform creates accountability and allows you to hand over the task of ordering with the confidence that the right processes are in place.

Tighten Up Your Shop
Dig deeper into your data and track your wastage, shrinkage and markdowns to gain a better insight into your Gross Profits.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Show hourly rate on roster
  • Add a total row to payroll summary page

Bug Fixes

  • Default department colour not saving as Blue
  • Hide workbench on mobile devices

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