Meet Bluefrog POS, Viability’s Latest Integration Partner

John Campbell, Mar 2017
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Meet Bluefrog POS, Viability’s Latest Integration Partner

Since their inception, Bluefrog has set out to create the simplest, most intuitive POS system for retailers.

Combine this with their reliable support and a 2 year on-site warranty, the point of sale company is well placed to continue their rapid growth. Bluefrog’s integration with Viability is just another example of their commitment to providing maximum value to their customers. We’re excited to be part of that.

Stefano Princi, MD of Bluefrog, attributes a large part of their success to their wizard based, step-by-step system. The interface makes user experience foolproof. Easy adoption and minimal training is critical when it comes to getting retail staff up and running with any POS system.

Bluefrog POS intro

Their 2 Year On-Site Warranty adds peace of mind for business owners, who hate being hit with unexpected costs down the track. Their support team is on call from 8am til 10pm, with an average call-out time of just under an hour. And if hardware needs to be booked in for repair, they provide loan equipment free of charge.

Viability + Bluefrog

Both Bluefrog and Viability realise the value of integration for business owners. It’s all about streamlining the aspects of business that can and should be automated. That way the business owner can work a little less “in the business” and focus a bit more on the strategic objectives of growing the business.

There’s an interesting difference between a typical POS integration and the integration between Bluefrog POS and Viability. POS systems usually “sync” data between the POS system and the partnering software. In general, this means a whole bunch of data gets sent every few minutes between the POS and the partnering software.

Bluefrog and Viability don’t work that way. The changes that happen in the Bluefrog POS system are instantly reflected in Viability. Every time a change happens in the POS, Bluefrog sends that change through to Viability immediately. We love attention to detail and Stef’s team pulled a rabbit out of a hat on this one. Nice!

Viability offers this integration free of charge. Just contact us and we’ll get you all set up.

More on Bluefrog

After working in IT hardware solutions for many years, Stef became increasingly aware of the many shortcomings of hospitality POS systems. The hardware was proprietary, out of date and expensive. The software was rigid and clunky. During this time, Stef met like-minded developer, Matt Trigwell. Matt’s skill is in solving software problems, which allows Stef to focus on hardware solutions. Together, they built Bluefrog POS into the thriving business it is today. You can explore Stef’s journey from tinkerer to thought leader in Caffeine and Concrete’s article, Taking Your Order with Stef Princi.

Stefano Princi, co-founder of Bluefrog POS

Stef Princi, co-founder of Bluefrog POS

Keen to know more about Bluefrog? Check out their website, or connect with Stef on LinkedIn.

Screenshots from Bluefrog POS

Bluefrog POS screenshot 1

Bluefrog POS screenshot

Bluefrog POS screenshot 2

Bluefrog sales & payment information screenshot

Bluefrog POS screenshot 3

Bluefrog POS payment screenshot

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